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2015, 2016


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Join Us!


We need people to help coordinate events, raise funds, create publicity, and involve local businesses.


CONTACT US  on this link, as well as on our

Pomo Project Facebook.

We have several suggestions for businesses to

participate in this year's festivities:

  • Display a Pomo Project Poster in your window.

  • Donate a percentage of sales.

  • Link your website to ours, and visit us on

  • Facebook for related activities.

  • Make a cash or in-kind donation

  • and be listed as a sponsor.


If you're new to Pomo culture, check out books

and videos from your local library. Share what you discover

to nurture your own and others' curiosity and understanding. Visit the art shows, attend the workshops and presentations, host a Pomo history presenter, and experience the Pomo Dancers.


for transportation and food for dancers

for printing our posters, flyers and cards

honorarium for participants

and business and professional fees



Send us a check:

Please make your check payable to:

The Pomo Project     

and mailed to:  

4917 Yeager Dr. 

Santa Rosa, CA 95407​

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