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Please download and print this Information PDF for your convenience.

2024 Pomo Project Call for Native Artists

Hello Artists!

After the success of wonderful art exhibit in 2023, the Pomo Project is excited

to announce that we are sponsoring another all-California Native group art event.

The 2024 California Native Creations show is again being hosted by the City of Santa Rosa.

This show will be held in the beautiful Person Senior Wing of the Finley Community Center in Santa Rosa,

and will be announced soon.

The Senior Wing is open to the public Monday through Friday, from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

The exhibit will feature paintings, basketry, beadwork, jewelry, and more, all by Indigenous California artists. Simultaneously, the California Indian Museum and Cultural Center (CIMCC)

will be sponsoring an exhibit in the main lobby of the Finley Community Center.

We hope this will bring even more visitors to see and experience

local Indigenous cultural expressions.

Venue Information

the two-story person senior wing

2060 west college avenue    santa rosa, CA 95401

A welcoming space with glass cases on the first floor that will

display various sized baskets, cradles, jewelry, glass, dolls, small sculpture pieces, etc.

The second floor offers a well-lit and spacious hallway gallery for photographs and paintings.

Because this is a Senior Center, it has been designed with open floor space, wide hallways,

and easy-access elevators to accommodate almost any visitor.


Display Cases

glass cases available for a variety of sizes of baskets,

cradles, dolls, dance regalia, and other art

The downstairs glass cases are kept locked at all times.

The top shelves are “tall” and can be used to display cradles and “medium” size baskets, etc.

The bottom shelves are reserved for smaller pieces such as glass art, small baskets, jewelry and beadwork.


Upstairs Gallery

The second-floor gallery space will beautifully display 10 to 12 2-D artists,

depending on the size and number of pieces submitted.

There are high ceilings with a vertical wire-hanging system.

All 2-D art must be wired on the back and ready to hang.

Photographs and paintings must be framed, unless you have wrapped-edge canvas pieces.


How to submit your work

submission deadline:  TBA 

to submit images of your work for consideration

If you are a new artist who has not shown with the Pomo Project before,

please submit one photo of each piece to be considered in an email attachment


  • Also, please include your name, tribal affiliations, email, and a phone number.

  • With each piece you submit, include a title (optional), description, artistic medium, price (optional), and dimensions.

  • All art work must remain in the exhibit for the duration of the show.

  • Interested buyers need to wait until the end of the show to pick up pieces they’ve purchased.

  • If you sell a piece, we can mark the label “sold” so it is reserved.

  • If there is a special circumstance where a piece must be removed, there needs to be an immediate replacement piece.

  • Buyers and artists will be responsible for communicating directly with each other about any sale.

  • The Person Senior Wing staff does not handle any monetary transactions.


  • We hope there is room to show all who submit work—experienced artists and new artists as well.

  • All work will be reviewed by the Pomo Project Team, and final decisions will be made by August 15, 2023.

  • Artists will be contacted within a week of the deadline.

    Pomo Project staff will handle paperwork for the City of Santa Rosa with the information artists provide when their work is delivered.

  • While everyone involved will make every effort to protect your art work, there is no insurance provided.

     Exhibit Labels

  • Artists need to provide labels for each piece of art.

  • A common size is approximately 2”x 3”, or the size of a typical business card.

  • Labels can be larger to accommodate desired descriptions and information, but space is limited in the glass cases.

  • Printed or neatly hand-written labels are both acceptable.

  • Each label should include your name, contact information, title (optional), description, and purchase price.

  • If you do not wish to sell your piece, just write NFS (not for sale).

Delivery and Pickup of your Art

delivery:  september 13, 2024   •   pickup:   november 22, 2024

Because the venue of the art show is managed by the City of Santa Rosa, there are some logistical issues to consider. All work must be dropped off at the Person Senior Wing on Friday, September 22, 2023,

between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. If you are unable to do that, please make arrangements for delivery of your work with a friend or family member. **

At the end of the show all art work needs to be picked up Friday, November 17, 2023, between 10 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. There is no on-site storage, so all art pieces not picked up will be removed from the premises.

Again, if picking up your art during these hours is difficult, please arrange assistance from a friend or family member.

**NOTE: The Pomo Project Team wants to include as many artists as possible, and we know the week-days and times for delivery and pickup can be a challenge for some people. If it is impossible for you to meet the conditions listed above, or to have someone else deliver or pick up your work, please let us know. We may be able to arrange for delivery to Rose Hammock’s or Christine Cobaugh’s homes in Santa Rosa the weekend before the show, and the weekend after the show for pickup.


there are two areas where artists can park to deliver their artwork.

First, there is ample space in the parking lot on West College Ave., in front of the Finley Community Center.

The Person Senior Wing is located directly behind the Community Center, and you must go through the main Community Center lobby to reach the Senior Center.

The second parking area is closer to the Senior Center entrance, just east of the building complex, with glass doors leading into the courtyard in front of the Person Senior Wing.

A sign will be posted near the entry. If you need help carrying your art from either parking lot to the Senior Center, a volunteer can be available to assist with a rolling cart, or an extra set of hands.


Reception October 4, 2024

exhibiting artists may create their own reception

The City of Santa Rosa does not provide a reception. However, an onsite space is available on October 4th, from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. for exhibiting artists.

Many artists find this to be a fun way to sell more work not seen in the exhibit.

Artists may arrive at 4 p.m. to set up, and for artist/vendors, tables and chairs are provided by the Senior Center. The Pomo Project will provide water and soft drinks.

An exciting addition to this year’s reception will be the Sonoma County Pomo Dancers,

who will arrive at 4 p.m. to change into their dance regalia, and will dance in the courtyard at approximately 5:30 p.m. Details about the reception will be finalized closer to the event,

and we would need a commitment in advance from those who wish to participate.


the success of any exhibit can be significantly determined by publicity.

The City of Santa Rosa and the Pomo Project will provide avenues for community awareness,

and we hope each of you will notify family, friends, and colleagues of this wonderful event.

The Pomo Project hopes to continue bringing Native artists to the forefront and showcasing their talents. Every time we’re able to create an event in the community, it’s another opportunity for education and inspiration for everyone!


We look forward to another ground-breaking show for Pomo Honoring Month!

If you have more questions, you can call Christine at 707-566-9189, or Rose at 707-483-4036.

The Pomo Project Team:

Rose Hammock, Christine Cobaugh, and Buffie Schmidt


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