... the pomo project

Honoring and celebrating the contributions of the Indigenous people of our area,

we are in our 12th year of bringing free educational events to Sonoma County. 

The Pomo people have lived here for thousands of years, and “Pomo Country”

extends through a significant area of Northern California, including

Sonoma County, Mendocino and Lake Counties.


Every year since 2010, we’ve hosted Pomo Honoring Month in October.

Pomo Honoring Month has included basket weaving workshops, history lectures,

beading workshops, art exhibits, radio shows, plays, and an Elders’ Forum 

and has also brought the Pomo Dancers of Sonoma County to downtown Sebastopol and Petaluma.  


We are a small community-based organization. We rely upon donations to continue presenting these wonderful events. Your donations pay for publicity, food, workshop materials, honorariums for presenters.

They also provide gas for transportation for the dancers who sometimes travel long distances to participate.

Our leadership team is comprised of all volunteers, including Pomo and non-Pomo people.

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the pomo project mural   
"Spirit of Healing" 

Joe Salinas mural_.jpg

© Joseph Luis Salinas 2021 

 ... about our fundraiser 

This year, the Pomo Project is focusing on raising money for this beautiful wall
mural that will be painted at Elsie Allen High School in Santa Rosa.

We need to raise $15,800.

To complete this mural project we’ll need 
the participation of EAHS students, and Native and
non-Native community members.The Pomo Project is proud to bring this mural to a school
that already appreciates and honors 
the long history of Pomo culture. We hope the mural will bring additional attention to some of the contributions Pomo people have made to our shared communities.

EAHS was founded in 1994, and named after Elsie Allen, the world-renowned Pomo Basket Weaver and educator.The school represents and serves a diverse population, including Pomo, Coast Miwok, and other Native American students. Many of the administrators and staff have made a commitment
to keeping the history of the community’s Indigenous people a daily presence on the campus.

The past few months have been inspiring.

The mural project was featured in a Press Democrat online article, and as of October 31st, the GoFundMe page raised over $2,300! We also have partners in the Elsie Allen High School Foundation and Artstart, who are working hard on getting grants. On Indigenous People’s Day, we were informed that the Habematolel Pomo of Upper Lake County pledged a generous gift of $5,000!

On November 9th, we found out that 2 grants - one from the City of Santa Rosa, and one from Sonoma County - have been awarded totaling an additional $4,500! That brings the current amount for the Pomo mural project to almost $12,000  - we are so grateful, and getting closer each week to achieving our goal.

Thank you!

As of Mid-December, our grant writing partners are working diligently to secure the balance needed to complete the mural. Cristina Larsen, a grant writer with the Elsie Allen High School Foundation, is awesome!


On December 14, Christine Cobaugh, Joseph Salinas and Rose Hammock met with the Director of Artstart, and the Lead Painter for the mural to discuss details about the images that will be included in the mural. We were also presented with a tentative schedule!


If the pandemic allows, EAHS students will begin painting parts of the mural in January.


This mural project is an intricate weaving of many people and logistical challenges, and the goal is to have it completed by the end of May! Then we hope to create a wonderful community Celebration Event on the EAHS campus, where Pomo Leaders and Dancers and Elders will be invited to participate and attend.


To create this celebration, we are now reaching out for an additional $1,000 in donations. This will help cover the costs of food and transportation for the Dancers and others who participate and may travel to Santa Rosa from other counties.

“Spirit of Healing" Mural


Joseph Luis Salinas, a Kashia Pomo, was inspired to create this mural as a visual representation of the history and culture of Pomo people in Santa Rosa and Sonoma County before outside Settlers came.

Pomo tribal territory extended from the ocean to inland mountains for thousands of years. Joseph’s illustration includes a glimpse into some tribal traditions, as well as the harmonious and sustainable relationship Pomo people had with the land. This relationship offered an abundance of food sources and materials for wellness and healing, ceremony, and everyday community life.


Joseph luis Salinas is an artist, muralist, and founder of the Pomo Dancers of Sonoma County. He was a staff person at SCIHP, where Joe helped teach young people about Pomo culture. He takes the dance group to as many venues each year as possible and coaches basketball. Joe created this mural 10 years ago and we are very excited that it is now our next Fundraiser Project. 

If you are able to contribute, please donate to our GoFundMe page or use the PayPal icon on this page.