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                      there are so many things to reflect upon. It has been another challenging year with many losses and heartbreak, but also some hopeful steps forward.


     For example, after 2 years of cancelling all live events, the Pomo Project, with many collaborators, completed the outdoor Pomo Mural at Elsie Allen High School. Additionally, we were able to bring back the Pomo Dancers of Sonoma County to downtown Sebastopol, as well as Rose and Buffie and Christine being interviewed on KOWS Radio.

     Finally, the Pomo Project and the City of Santa Rosa hosted a beautiful and educational all-California Native art show at the Person Senior Center in Santa Rosa. And, we’ve already reserved the same space for another wonderful exhibit next October-November.


     We are grateful for your ongoing support and participation, and hope that 2023 will bring us all some calm, much-needed healing, and even joy. We look forward to hosting more events for Pomo Honoring Month in October and seeing you there!

As we greet the new year ...

PP mural Mar3-1147.jpg


Pomo Honoring Month

POMO POSTER 2022 for web.jpg
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