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To our dear family and friends,

     This year we are all facing multiple challenges as individuals and as a community. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the early fire season, we were unable to offer the in-person workshops and events that we have for the past 10 years. We’ve been doing what we can in mostly virtual formats, and hope you were able join us.

     As the health crisis continues into the winter months and protecting each other precludes in-person gatherings, we're considering creating more online events in the future, including a fund raiser.

                                                                                            We wish you, your families and loved ones, safety and good health.

                                                                                                                                                          The Pomo Project Team 


In Honor and Memory of Sandy Eastoak

Painter, author, environmentalist, and co-founder of the Pomo Project, Sandy Eastoak died on June 5, 2020.

She provided stellar leadership for a number of years until illness forced her to pull back from those responsibilities.

Despite the challenges she faced every day, she continued painting, writing, and advocating for a more

healthy and just world. Sandy was dedicated to creating images that helped heal the earth, and

worked to inspire and support all efforts to protect species and habitats.


Sandy was sometimes called a “lightning rod” as she helped others to also manifest their dreams.

In 2007, she was co-founder of Sebastopol Gallery in downtown Sebastopol. In 2009, with the launching

of the Pomo Project she helped shape a new awareness about indigenous people - our families, neighbors,

friends, and colleagues - and their contributions within our communities.

The Pomo Project is now in its 11th year of creating educational

events that honor Pomo culture.


Sandy's artwork can be seen at sandyeastoak.com

See the entire Legacy art show with Sandy Eastoak and Christine Cobaugh here



Christine Cobaugh

“Nature is my church. Dancing is how I pray.”  

                                                             (Comment made by a Pomo Elder)

Images of Dancers Not For Sale 

Photography Exhibit Ends Dec. 31, 2020

Photography of Pomo Dancers

on Metini Day 2018  & 2019 at Fort Ross.


The Pomo Project was initiated by Armando Williams when he visited Sebastopol Gallery and was moved by the Native content in Sandy Eastoak’s featured work. Other Sebastopol Gallery artists soon joined in and gallery members voted to set aside their Fall, 2010 rotation to show work from the Pomo Project. Armando would help the artists learn about Pomo culture and medicine ways, introduce them to Pomo elders and ceremony, and trust them to create work reflecting and honoring the Pomo way of life.

As the artists talked about the project, people in the community quickly became enthusiastic about the need to understand Pomo history and culture, and to involve Pomo people in decision making processes as we work toward sustainability, justice, and harmony. Many people expressed a desire for education and reconciliation. As our ideas became bigger than our ability to organize, we recognized the need for an annual celebration, and are grateful that the Sebastopol City Council agreed.

Twine Baskets by Buffie Schmidt

"Flickerbird" © Sandy Eastoak 2020


mission statement

Pomo Honoring Month emphasizes awareness of Pomo history and building bridges for future generations.

Pomo wisdom traditions hold value for resolving contemporary challenges. We support Pomo people

having an active voice in public policy, including development, education, culture, and vision.

Not affiliated with any specific tribal group, we value collaboration with all

Pomo people toward reconciliation and understanding.

       The Sebastopol City Council resolved that each October to be Pomo Honoring Month, 

celebrating the continued presence and enduring culture of the Pomo people. 

Annual Pomo Honoring Month - Resolution #5793

PASSED, APPROVED & ADOPTED this 4th day of May, 2010, by the following vote:

AYES: Councilmembers Robinson, Shaffer, Kelley, Vice Mayor Wilson and Mayor Gurney

NOES: None   •   ABSTAIN: None   •   ABSENT: None



Recognition of Federated Indians of Graton Rancheria - Resolution  #5818

On September 21, 2010, the Sebastopol City Council voted to adopt a resolution

specifically recognizing the Federated Indians of Graton Rancheria as representing the 

descendants of our area's original inhabitants.

read full Resolution


our Coordinating Team

Christine Cobaugh

Christine Cobaugh has been a part of the Pomo Project coordinating team since its inception in 2009. She is a long-time community activist and an artist/photographer. Christine loves creating images from nature as well as pieces that address social issues. Some of her recent work has been inspired by the beauty and energy of Pomo dancers.


buffie schmidt

A 4th generation Pomo cradle basket weaver, Buffie was taught the tradition at the age of 13. She believes in keeping Pomo culture alive through their language, songs, dance, traditional foods and basketweaving.

   Rose Hammock

Rose has long been a leader in the Pomo Youth Dancers and an inspiration to many students and strongly supports others on their educational and vocational paths. Rose offers California Indian history presentations at preschool and elementary schools throughout Sonoma County. 



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We need people to help coordinate events, raise funds, create publicity, and involve local businesses. Contact Us through the above link, as well as on our Pomo Project Facebook.


We have several suggestions for businesses to participate in this year's festivities: 

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  • Donate a percentage of sales.

  • Link your website to ours, and visit us on Facebook for related activities.

  • Make a cash or in-kind donation and be listed as a sponsor.




If you're new to Pomo culture, check out books and videos from your local library. Share what you discover to nurture your own and others' curiosity and understanding. Visit the art shows, attend the workshops and presentations, host a Pomo history presenter, and experience the Pomo Dancers.

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