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2023 Pomo Project Group Art Exhibit

"California Native Creations"


2060 W College Ave, Santa Rosa, CA 95401

Exhibit Dates  September 25th – November 16

Monday - Friday 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM

We are extending an invitation to all styles of

art created by indigenous California artists

for a group exhibit. Painting • Basketry •

Photography • Beadwork • Jewelry & more


Contact:  Rose Hammock  (707) 483-4036 

or  Christine Cobough  (707) 566-9189

This Art Exhibit is hosted

by the City of Santa Rosa 

Open to the Public

2023 Deadline




Submit by email to:


Please send one photo of each piece you plan to

submit with it's description, artistic medium

and dimensions. Include your name, tribal

affiliations, email address and phone number.

Artwork titles are optional.

All photos of each piece are reviewed by the

Pomo Project Team. Final decisions for accepted

artwork TBA. You wil be contacted within the

following week.

Artwork Delivery Date to Person Senior Wing 

Friday, September 22, 10 a.m. – 2 p.m.

Artwork shall remain in the exhibit for the duration

of the show. Sold art will show a "reserved" mark on

the label. Under special circumstances, should a piece

be removed, an immediate replacement is required.

Buyers and Artists will communicate together directly.

The Person Senior Wing staff does not handle any

monetary transactions. Art purchased during the

exhibit will be picked up at the end of the Art Show.

About the Person Senior Center


The first floor glass cases can display various

sized baskets, cradles, jewelry, glass, small and

sculpture pieces and are kept locked at all times.

Limited in space, we hope to feature the work

of 10-12 basket weavers, each with 1-2 pieces.

The top shelves are tall and can be used to display

cradles and medium sized baskets, etc. The bottom

shelves are reserved for smaller pieces such as

glass-art, small baskets, jewelry and beadwork.


The second-floor gallery space will beautifully

display 10-12, 2-D artists, depending on the

size and number of pieces submitted.

There are high ceilings with a vertical

wire-hanging system. All 2-D art must

be wired on the back and ready to hang.


Artists need to provide labels for each piece of art.

A common size is approximately 2”x 3”, or the size

of a typical business card. Printed or neatly hand-written labels are both acceptable. Each label should include your name, contact information,

title (optional), description, and purchase price.

If you do not wish to sell your piece, just write NFS (not for sale).


All photographs and paintings must be framed,

unless you have wrapped-edge canvas pieces.

Art Delivery

Parking for Artwork Delivery

Parking lot on West College Ave., in front of the Finley Community Center. The Person Senior Wing

is located directly behind the Community Center, go through the main lobby to reach the Person Senior Wing.


Parking east of the building complex. Glass doors lead into the courtyard in front of the Person Senior Wing.

If you need help carrying your art from either parking lotto the senior center, a volunteer can be available

to assist with a rolling cart, or extra set of hands.

Artist's Rception

Our Artist's Reception will be held Friday, October 6 from 5 – 7 p.m. A dance exhibition by

Sonoma County Pomo Dancers will be held in the central courtyard between the

Person Sr. Center and the Finley Center.

Art Pick-Up

Art Pick-Up Friday, November 17 from 10 a.m. – 2 p.m. Pick-up may be made by another.

There is no on-site storage. All art pieces not picked up will be removed from the premises.


 The City of Santa Rosa and the Pomo Project will provide avenues for community awareness, and we hope each of you will notify family, friends, and colleagues of this wonderful event. The Pomo Project hopes to continue to bring Native artists to the forefront and showcase their talents.


Every time we’re able to create an event in the community, it’s another opportunity for education and inspiration for everyone! We look forward to another ground-breaking show for Pomo Honoring Month!

Pomo Project Liability and Insurance Information

The Pomo Project Staff will handle paperwork for the city of Santa Rosa with the information artists provide when their work is delivered. While everyone involved will make every effort to protect your artwork.

There is no insurance provided. If you have more questions, please call

Christine 707-566-9189 or Rose 707-483-4036


 The Pomo Project Team

 Rose Hammock, Christine Cobaugh, and Buffie Schmidt

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