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Pomo Project Holiday Fundraiser


The Pomo Project is in its 12th year of bringing free educational events to Sonoma County that honor and celebrate the contributions of the Indigenous people of our area. The Pomo people have lived here for thousands of years, and “Pomo Country” extends through a significant area of Northern California, including Sonoma County, Mendocino and Lake Counties.


Every year since 2010, we’ve hosted Pomo Honoring Month in October. Pomo Honoring Month has included basket weaving workshops, history lectures, beading workshops, art exhibits, radio shows, plays, and an Elders’ Forum -- and has also brought the Pomo Dancers of Sonoma County to downtown Sebastopol and Petaluma.  


We are a small community-based organization. We rely upon donations to continue presenting these wonderful events, and to pay for publicity, food, workshop materials, honorariums for presenters, and gas for transportation for the dancers -- who sometimes travel long distances to participate. Our leadership team is comprised of all volunteers, including Pomo and non-Pomo people.


Over the next few months there will be several small “front porch” sales in southwest Santa Rosa that will benefit the Pomo Project. To see some of the items offered in our first benefit sale, go to Each sale will add new items that include original art and crafts, new and used books, new and used DVDs, CDs, and more!


The first sale will be on Monday, May 31, 2021 -- Memorial Day -- from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Cash only. Please wear a mask, as we are still in a time of transition during this pandemic.

The address is 4917 Yeager Dr., Santa Rosa, CA, 95407.

Christine Cobaugh

Showcasing the Photography of


"Nature is my church. Dancing is how I pray."

(Comment made by a Pomo Elder)



All Photographs©Christine Cobaugh 2021

Images of Dancers not for sale.

Photography of Pomo Dancers on Metini Day, 2018 & 2019 at Fort Ross.